The #1MoreVoice Movement was created to show that “WE” as individuals believe in the power of our voices. YOU are not alone in your pain! As a community we need to stand up and put an end to the stigma around mental health. This movement is meant to inspire those who suffer in silence. These illnesses, do not limit individuals from being successful. The world should be inspired by the individuals who battle these conditions! Not only are we capable of greatness, but we also have the strength to endure and continue to strive regardless of our medical conditions. I want to inspire you with our Journeys, to be #1MoreVoice towards ending the stigma and discrimination against those suffering with mental health disorders.

Andrew BrinerProfession: Owner of AJB Aerial Imagery

From: Devon, England

Condition: Depression

Journey: Andrew Briner is a 27 year old business owner currently based in Devon, England. Andrew was diagnosed with depression at the age of 25, after suffering for years in silence he decided to start advocating for mental health through social media. Initially it was one of the biggest challenges he had to endure, but with the support of family and friends he has been able find peace in knowing that recovery is worth it! Once he received the help he needed, he has been able to accomplish more than he ever imaged. After working for Parcel Force for over 5 years, he bought his own home and decided to start a business of his own. His business is in Aerial Photography using drones, how cool is that? he is loving life! >> Link to his Story <<

Imani K BrownProfession: Owner and Artist of I.P. Brand Ink & Art Creative House

From: Washington, DC

Condition: Body Dysmorphia/ Selective Eating Disorder / Depression

Journey: Imani K Brown (ipukekawaii), is a 37 year old professional business owner and artist from Washington, DC. Imani has learned with time that her condition and diagnosis are learning curves and instabilities that have made her into a better version of herself. Her focus is on understanding that her diagnosis has taken her through a self-discovery journey and has learned to embrace it. She is a motivated individual who sees her diagnosis as a means of inspiration to help others while healing herself in the process. Imani has taken her diagnosis and turned it into a journey of creativity that drove her to become a creative entrepreneur and an inspirational tattoo artist. >> Link to her Story <<

Markus Bryant1Profession: US Army Veteran / Graphic Designer/ Photographer

From: Florida, USA

Condition: (PTSD) Post-Traumatic Stress disorder

Journey: Markus Bryant is a 29 year old Graphic Design professional and a United States Army Veteran. Initially the acceptance of being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) was difficult, but necessary. Due to the stigma, it took longer for him to seek treatment and fully understand the multitude of his condition. As a soldier in the military, he was taught strength and how to defend his country, but having to admit and accept his condition took a toll on his life. When returning back home from deployments his life had changed and it impacted his family and his lifestyle. After accepting his condition, he has had the opportunity to be provide support for others who struggle with mental illnesses. In the past year, he has used his professional skills to help a non-profit organization that focuses on inspiring and educating kids from urban communities >> Link to his Story << 

kiana johnsonProfession: CEO of The Soulful Empire, LLC

From: Knoxville, Tennessee

Condition: GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder)

Journey: Kiana Johnson is 24 years old and the CEO of the Soulful Empire, LLC.. During her journey, Kiana has had the opportunity to obtain her Bachelors’ in Psychology and Counseling and my Masters’ in Leadership and Coaching. In 2016, Kiana was diagnosed with GAD (Generalized Anxiety Disorder), during this time she had a difficult time understanding what was happening to her. This disorder impacted the people she loved and also her business. Even as a psych major, Kiana experienced several difficulties with managing her condition. After seeking help and treatment, she was able to develop techniques that helped her with her condition. As a part of her recovery, she began teaching others these same coping methods and helping them to find their peace and remain grateful and mindful during stressful times. >> Link to her Story <<

KaitlynProfession: Owner of Horses and Family

From: Saskatchewan, Canada

Condition: Post-Partum Depression and Anxiety 

Journey: Kaitlyn Baker is a 24 year old business owner, who currently resides in SK, Canada. Her mental health journey began shortly after giving birth to her son. Her battle with both post-partum depression and anxiety was shameful at times. After two years of struggling with her condition she reached out to the mental health community, she then realized that she wasn’t alone in her journey. In order to help her family and create a safe outlet, “Horses and Family” was created. >> Link to her Story <<  

maydelli mendozaProfession: Founder of Healing with SelfLove

From: Los Angeles, California

Condition: Depression

Journey: Maydelli Mendoza is a 31 year old warrior who currently resides in Los Angles, California. Maydelli is the founder of Healing with Self Love. Maydelli had to go through self-discovery to find her happiness because as an undocumented person living in the US , she lacked the necessary medical resources to obtain the help she needed. Regardless of her battle with depression, she was able to reach her goals and obtain her bachelors’ degree in sociology. She has made it her life’s mission to help women, especially the younger generation in understanding that you can heal through SelfLove . >> Link to her Story << 

Anika WoodsProfession: Owner of Nobody Greater LLC

From: Florida, USA

Condition: Chronic Anxiety and (PTSD)Post-traumatic stress disorder

Journey: Anika Woods, is a 37 year old professional, a psychologist and a business owner. Her battle began during college and adulthood when she was diagnosed with Chronic anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. Anika has experienced several traumatic experiences on her journey to recovery, but her resilience and purpose pushed her to accomplish her goals. Her purpose is to change the stigma of labels and to teach others to wear their brand with pride. She has been blessed to be educated, a mother, a woman and a VOICE. >> Link to her Story <<

 MELANIE BROWNProfession: Healing Hearts and Homes / Therapist/ Program Director

From: Utah, USA

Condition: Depression, Addiction and Anxiety

Journey: Melanie Brown is 56 years old and currently resides in Utah, USA. She is a program director and therapist at Healing Hearts and Homes. Melanie’s journey to recovery was not easy and it took time to find the happiness she deserved. Her strength to overcome the battles she had to fight to reach recovery are truly inspiring. While depression, anxiety and addiction was the beginning of her journey, it certainly not the life she lives now. She has learned how invaluable it is to be compassionate with herself and has learned to give herself permission to be human. With time, Melanie went back to school and is now focused on helping others with their recovery. >> Link to her Story << 

Hannah GraceMaking a Difference: Highschool Student

From: Singapore

Condition: Depression and Anxiety

Journey: Hannah Abaoag is a 15 year old student from Philippines, but currently resides in Singapore. Her battle with anxiety and depression began not long ago, but during this time she has come to see the impact that it had on her life. Since her progress to recovery, she has decided to advocate for those who struggle with mental health disorders. Although, Hannah is a high school student, the journey that she has had to endure has not been easy. Hannah is a warrior and is dedicated to her future on becoming a psychologist. >> Link to her Story << 


Profession: Senior Operations / Entrepreneur / Founder of Classified Lipstick

Condition: Bipolar I Disorder / (PTSD) Post Traumatic stress disorder

From: Lima, Peru

Journey: In the past 5 years my life has been a journey of ups and downs. I have two different types of mental illness, Bipolar disorder and PTSD. I am also a Professional Business Woman, my condition has been debilitating and has sometimes caused me to want to quit on all my dreams and goals. Regardless of my condition, I have been able to achieve my goals. I want everyone who suffers in silence to know that your illness does not define you, it strengthens you. Honestly speaking, it is because of my condition that I became a strong person. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree and going to acquire a Master’s degree. I work for one of the largest financial companies as an analyst. I am also working on launching my business. I have been able to empower our next generation by a means of education. My condition didn’t break me, it strengthened me! My mission is to change the way people look at people with mental illnesses. I am #1MoreVoice and I will not surrender to the stigma the world has created for people with my condition.  >> Link to my Story <<

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Whether you are an mom, father, sister, brother, friend, medical professional, or an individual who battles with mental health….your voice matters! If you would like to share your journey, story, family experience, or how you advocate for our community….. please email us

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