My Bipolar Disorder?!

For my friends & Family, It has been too long since I truly allowed you to know what is going on with me. Partially because I was afraid of judgement and prejudice, but I am a warrior and not a victim of my illness. I think it is time for you guys to truly understand... Continue Reading →

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About, Classified Lipstick?!

Curious & a bit nervous, yet Fearless! "Classified Lipstick"! Perhaps, by now you are wondering what this site is about , right? Jump into my Journey! Classified Lipstick is the name I chose to start a MOVEMENT for strong women who struggle with mental illness. This movement is for women who are doing what it... Continue Reading →

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Hurricane Psychosis!

This piece was difficult to write but it felt necessary, the world is so blinded by calling mental illness a simple state of mind that you can snap out off but the truth is… it is real and it requires treatment.To my family, thank you for not giving up on me. To my friends, thank... Continue Reading →

From Grief to Freedom!

It’s a tricky thing you see...sometimes we forget the importance of being free of everything that holds us back. We mentally capture the moments of grief and cycle them into our brains over and over again! Think about this ?! What if you can just let go? What if everything that kept you prisoner all... Continue Reading →

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